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We drove to an apple farm in Michigan and they had some Reindeer and Pigs there. They were a nice surprise and were fun to talk to.  We went to Almar Orchards Organic in Flushing, Michigan.  We love the eyes on these Reindeer.  They almost don’t look like they are real and give these Reindeer a comical appearance.

This organic apple farm was fun to see all the different variety of apples.  They had delicious apple donuts, which we had to sample.  They also had good hard and soft apple cider.

This was our first visit to an apple farm, and it was a great time walking around to see everything.

This Reindeer reminds me of Sven from “Frozen”.  The Reindeer seemed to be very friendly, and personifies Sven’s character.

These are real untouched photographs, and I did not do anything to accentuate those big dark eyes of Mr. Reindeer.