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472 – View from the right field pavilion seats near the foul pole. This was a good place to sit if you wanted a chance to catch a home run ball as many landed in this area. It was also a good place to watch batting practice and try to snatch a ball hit there.  Kodak T-MAX Black & White 35mm Neg Film

I took this photograph over 25 years ago at Candlestick Park.  I don’t really remember what I was doing when I took this photograph.  I did periodically sit right field pavillion seats or the bleacher seats.  The bleacher seats were the cheapest.  The right field pavillion seats were the next cheapest.

These locations were good to go during batting practice since you could catch a homerun ball.  I went with a buddy – Henry Wong – and we sat there during batting practice.  He was fortunate to catch a homerun ball at the right field pavillion seats.

These seats were also in the shade which was another advantage, if it was a sunny day. This is a section when the 49ers played where additional seats could be pulled out.  So more seats could be added whenever the 49ers played at Candlestick Park.

This image is one of the more popular photographs among the internet crowd.  Please feel free to let me know why you like this picture.

This photograph was scanned from my negative.  It has not been altered other than to remove dustmarks from the scanning.  We love real photography!