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Horseshoe Bend has an incredible view if you don’t have a fear of heights. I could not get close enough to the edge to see the entire Colorado River, because I have a fear of heights. There is no protective railing. It is about a 1000 ft drop from the edge to the bottom. I set up my camera about 10 feet from the edge.  This is as close as I could be without feeling too fearful.

I watched other photographers set up their tripods right at the edge.  Watching the different people go so close to edge was pretty scary for me.  I saw one teenager doing hand stands on top of a rock not far from the edge.  There were lots of people who were not afraid to be at the edge.  My family and I were all cautious and were not daring at all to go to the edge.  My wife would not even go up 10 ft to the edge.

Even though we were not adventuous or brave enough to go to the edge, we still witnessed a fabuous sunset.  There was a large crowd at the Horseshoe Bend Overlook.  It was a nice hike (around 0.6 mi) to get to the edge.  It was great to find a comfortable rock to sit and watch the sunset.

So you don’t need to be on the edge to enjoy the wonderful sunset.  But being on the edge is a must to see the entire Horseshoe Bend.

The above sunset is real and untouched.  Hope you will be more inspired to look over the edge, even though I was afraid to do so.