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These pictures were taken at Fuji Photo Day at Candlestick Park on May 14, 1988. The SF Giants played the NY Mets and won 3-2. It was so cool to be able to go down on the field before the game to take pictures of the field and some of the players. It is one of the few times the fans were allowed on the field.

I remember seeing these home run markers from the stands and was glad to see what they looked like close up and was able to take some pictures. I did not know what they were made of until I went down on the field.  I discovered they were made of wood. These signs were removed when the fences at Candlestick were remodeled in 1993 when they added the green padding along the entire perimeter of the outfield wall. I wonder if these signs are sitting in storage in a warehouse some place?

Does anyone know where are these signs now?  Feel free to comment to let me know!

I scanned my old negatives to create these digital photographs.  I only used Photoshop to remove the dust marks.  Otherwise these pictures are “untouched”.