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I found these old photographs I took as I roamed around Candlestick Park before a SF Giants game.  I had a good time photographing the KPIX Channel 5 reporter interviewing different fans at The Stick.

The first group of fans did not seem too excited.  But this woman above was happy to talk to this reporter.  In this last photograph, the reporter smiled at me as I took the picture.

I’m glad I found these photographs since I do not remember much about what happened during the interviews.  It is nice to take photographs often to record moments we experience in life.

Since we may be so involved with our daily routine, we forget how fast our life is progressing.  It does not seem like over 25 years ago when I took all these Candlestick Park photographs.  Life goes by too fast.

Take time to enjoy and cherish the current moments as well as the past moments to be prepared for the future.

By the way, does anyone recognize any of the individuals in the above photographs? Please send comments if you can identify anyone.