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I always made time checking out the different souvenir and food stands at Candlestick Park. The polish dog, Sprite, and drumsticks were my favorite.

I did manage to accumulate some souvenirs and memoribilia from Candlestick Park while going to many games there. I am glad I kept these items since Candlestick Park is gone.

All of the pictures I took there bring back nice memories of the stadium and the people who took care of the place. I am glad I managed to find all the negatives and slides that I photographed at Candlestick Park. When I was taking all the pictures back in the late 1980’s through the 1990’s, I had no idea that Candlestick Park would be torn down. I am happy that I had the insight to take so many color and black and white pictures of Candlestick Park during its prime. I really enjoyed going to games there and interacting with the fans and staff. I miss Candlestick dearly.