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Yesterday, we were invited to a good friend’s housewarming party in San Ramon.  I was looking forward to visiting with my friends whom I’ve known since the days when I worked as product photographer at the Good Guys.  I’ve been fortunate to be friends with these people for all these years.

It was a fun party catching up with all the different friends.  Little did I know that the fun party would become more exciting.  We just sat down to eat our huge plates of food.  The host of the party suddenly came to our table to announce that Andre Torres the former SF Giants player and one of the champions who won the 2010 World Series had just arrived.  We all thought she was joking.  The host is also notorious for making up silly nicknames for her friends.  So I thought she gave a new nickname to someone.  But as I looked up, I realized that Andre Torres really did arrive to the party.

I was so excited I jumped up and made my way to the kitchen area of the party room.  My friend introduced me to Andre Torres.  He was so genuinely warm and friendly.  When I shook his hand, I realized this was really him!  My friend started to ask him about his World Series Championship Ring.  He removed the ring and allowed her to look at it.  She was kidding him about the ring and handed me the ring to look at too.

I knew I had to act fast to get my camera ready.  I felt bad to ask if I could take a few pictures since Andre had a full plate of food.  But Andre was very nice and put down his food, so I could take these few pictures.  It was so exciting for me take these pictures of Andre Torres and also him wearing the ring.  We shook hands a couple of times during our interaction.  He was a humble man who still appreciates his SF Giants fans.  He thanked me for being a fan.  I thanked him for playing for the SF Giants and for winning the first World Series for San Francisco.  We are so appreciative for that tremendous win of the World Series.

It was a great honor for me to meet and speak with Andre Torres.  I’m glad I have pictures to remember the event.  I wish I had asked someone to take our picture together.  But I did take a picture of Andre with the host of the party.

When I left home to attend this party, I decided to bring my full frame Canon EOS 5D Mk IV camera to take group pictures of my friends.  I never dreamed that I would get to photograph Andre Torres.  I’m so glad I brought my camera with me so I could take this great Willie Mac Award winning San Francisco Giants player.

What did I learn from this experience?

  • To be thankful for these good friends and how they have blessed my life. Since I was thinking to take some group pictures to give my friends, I was prepared with camera so I could also take Andre Torres’ pictures.  I’m so glad I had my camera with me.
  • Give service and priority to friends first. Since I was putting my friends first by wanting to photograph them, I was blessed by being prepared for the surprise meeting of Andre Torres.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected photographs which you will always treasure.