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A few weeks ago, we received a request to be able to put up one of our photos up in her cubicle.  She wanted a scenic fall foliage to decorate her office space.  She was thinking the photo could be a business card size.  But my wife thought a larger photograph would be nicer to look at.  The request was to put up the photograph on the metal cabinet in the cubicle.

So this Candlestick Park photograph is an example of our 5×7 Canvas Magnet.  The photograph was placed on an actual Candlestick Park seat.  I just bought the seat and not the entire chair.  My wife has forbidden me to buy the chair due to our space limitation in our house.

As in our magnet pin design, the magnet on the photograph can be removed.  So the photograph can be attached to another surface.  That surface would be sandwiched between the photo and the magnet.

Now, our customer is happy to be able to display her 5×7 inch Canvas Magnet in her cubicle.  The magnet even has a piece of felt on top, so it does not mark the metal surface.  I also coat the photograph with a brushed texture coating for protection.

We spend a lot of time in the office.  We experience a lot of stress at work.  With this design, it is very easy to create a personal photo art gallery in one’s office space.  We need scenery in our cube to calm and help us focus on good memories like the times spent at Candlestick Park.