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We love Fleetweek with the Blue Angels in San Francisco.  I’ve tried various locations down by the waterfront to shoot pictures of the Blue Angels flying.  I’ve decided I enjoy Aquatic Park by Ghirardelli Square for photographing the Blue Angels.  I feel like I am at central stage watching their expert maneuvers.  It is also nice to have Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

We annually go on Friday when the Blue Angels do their practice show.  I don’t enjoy crowds, and am seeking security for my camera equipment.  Friday was the perfect day to watch the Blue Angels since the weather was great.

I love the tight formation of Blue Angels 1, 2, 3 and 7.  I’m glad I shot the Blue Angels flying past our American flag.  This truly represents the character of these men who risk their lives to protect our country and are dedicated to being the best pilots.  The Blue Angels are examples to all of us who sacrifice to achieve precision and excellence.