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F-22 Raptor U.S. Air Force Stealth Fighter

This is a photograph from the Fleet Week Air Show Rehearsal on Friday, October 7, 2016.   I love looking at aircraft.  I don’t really like reading, but I love my books about aircraft.  I am fascinated with the facts about these fighter jets.  I can remember all these interesting details.

I am grateful that our country has developed these fighter jets to protect our freedom.  I am also grateful for the Blue Angels and the other pilots who risk their lives to fight for us and become experts at flying these fighters.

I can spend endless hours watching these fighter jets.  The Blue Angels and these other pilots inspire all of us to seek excellence in whatever we do.  Our military are responsible for protecting our freedoms, so we can pursue to be the best!

Below is a link to learn about the U.S. Air Force’s next fighter jet.

Link to see what will be the F-22 Raptor’s Replacement