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We went to Denver for our niece’s wedding.  As always, I am seeking to find fall foliage scenery to photograph.  We rushed in the morning to go to Washington Park to see the trees.  It was a wonderful morning with a little remnant of snow left and the bright sun shining in the background of the leaves.  The sun highlighted the bright red hues of the leaves to bring out their beauty.  My wife was standing on the other side and could not see the brilliant colors because the sun was reflecting off of the leaves.  So she was very surprised how the pictures showed off the maple leaves bright red colors, since she did not see the same colors.

It was a peaceful morning enjoying the fall colors, and the still waters at Smith Lake.  As the time approached noon, the reflection on the lake became clearer.  It was a nice time to enjoy the quietness of nature.

Do you noticed the star sun on the upper left part of the photograph?  I put my “t” at this spot to represent the “Cross” and how Christ is our bright light.  Just as the sun shines to show forth the true color of the leaves, Christ’s brilliance can also be seen in us who follow Him.

Photographs not only reflect memories but can also teach us life lessons.