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I was on a one day road trip with a good buddy of mine who moved from Redwood Glen, CA, to North Andover, MA.  I was staying with him for a week as he works at Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover. We were in search of outstanding fall foliage scenery.  We had stopped at various spots, and so far we found good scenery.  But I was seeking a “perfect” fall foliage spot.

As we were driving, my buddy noticed this spot on the roadside.  Unfortunately, he missed the turn off since I was hesitant about the spot.  I was a little discouraged in our search.  It was getting later in the day, and I was afraid the lighting would not be right for the photographs.  But I’m glad we did turn back to see this fall array of colors with these few trees.  This was the outstanding scenery I was searching for.

Late afternoon sunlight lit up the Sugar Maple Leaves at the shores of Chocorua Lake in New Hampshire. The color, lighting, and setting were magical as there were at least four different color maple leaves when I looked up at the maple canopy.  My wife thought this was one tree.  Actually I only focused on this one trunk, but these branches belong to other trees.  This trunk is interesting with the various circles going up the tree.

The moral of the story is to never give up on a goal no matter how big or small it is.  Even when we are hesitant in our search, proceed on and pursue the ideas which we are doubtful about.  Goals can be reached in the most unexpected ways!