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It was nice how Candlestick Park honored the great San Francisco Giants Retired Players by creating the big round discs with the players’ name and numbers.  Initially the discs were displayed on the right field fence as seen in the picture above on the right.  They were displayed in the 1980’s.

Then in the 1990’s, the discs were removed.  New discs were painted on the left field green padded fence for these retired players.

I am glad I photographed all the discs.  I created metal pins which can be worn on clothing or attached to any flat object with a magnet.  My wife and I were trying to think of ideas how to enjoy the memories and these photographs I took long ago of Candlestick Park.  Since these discs look like buttons or pins, I came up with the idea to create these mini replicas of the historic discs.  I could have easily created buttons from the photos.  But I wanted a different look.  The photos are mounted on round metal discs with brushed on sealant.  So the photo has an artsy look with the brush strokes.

I wanted to remember these great baseball players, and how Candlestick Park honored these players.

Feel free to look at the different Magnet Pins which honor the SF Giants Retired Players.

San Francisco Giants Retired Players Magnet Pins