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Candlestick Park’s Centerfield Scoreboard on Friday night, May 20, 1988. The SF Giants played the Montreal Expos. The Expos are now the Washington Nationals. The Giants ended up winning the game 11-2.

Photographs capture moments.  I love lights which is why I love this sign.  It captured Brian Rianda’s moment to pitch the first ball at this SF Giants baseball game.  I would love to hear from Brian Rianda’s memories of this moment.  Or I would love to hear from anyone who has had this honor to throw out the first ball at a baseball game.

We rush through our lives sometimes too fast.  Take time to ponder on some of the important moments you’ve experienced.  Good memories are nice to ponder about and to share with family and friends.  Take time to share the good memories with those around you to build closer relationships.