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Opening Night on April 15, 1991 at Candlestick Park with the LA Dodgers squaring off against the SF Giants. Giants vs Dodgers games always generate excitement but it was also opening night which made the game extra special. It was quite a sight to see the on-field fireworks show during the pre-game ceremony.

I like the fireworks in this black and white photo since it emphasizes the splattering of the firework specs throughout the air.  It shows the spray of the fireworks with a different appearance.

When I was a small child, we had a black and white television.  When we received our first color television, it was so magnificent to watch programs in color.  The color television was far superior than the black and white.  Now as an adult, I realize that black and white images are not inferior, but can provide a different dimension to a picture.

If you have old black and white photographs, take time to go back to look and enjoy the old images.  See if you can notice any different nuances in the pictures.