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I was attending a SF Giants game at Candlestick Park in the late 1980’s with some co-worker buddies and saw this young fan who was quite a character. He was having fun during most of the game.  At this point, he was a little upset about something.  During most of the game, he was walking up and down the aisle with his bat.  Does anyone recognize this little young SF Giants Fan?

We were seated in the general admission area behind the left field fence. In 1994 they constructed new metal riser bleacher seats in front of this section. It reduced the total capacity of the ballpark but brought fans closer to the field.

I used Kodak 35mm T-Max 100 black and white film with a Canon camera and developed the film in my darkroom at home. When developing the film, it had to be completely dark with no light leaking in from under the door or else the film would have been ruined. I had to transfer the film in total darkness into a light proof film processing canister by touch with my hands.  Those were the days.