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This was a rare treat to listen to this Polka Band performs the pregame show in the stands before a night SF Giants game. It was fun to listen to them play their music, and they added a festive atmosphere to the old ballpark.

They were performing during batting practice as they moved around the stadium in the lower box section behind home plate.  Candlestick Park was not a picture perfect stadium. It did not have nice warm weather during night games and was often cold and foggy.  But the Stick did have a special charm like the Polka Band.

I took this photograph in the late 1980’s with a Canon camera using Kodak 35mm High Speed T-Max 3200 Black and White film which explains for the high amount of grain in the picture.  This film was necessary for the night games where there was less light, and I used this film for my SF Giants night game pictures.

Does anyone remember this Polka Band at Candlestick Park?   I would love to hear about your memories during this evening at the Stick.