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Classic view of the general admission area in the foreground of Candlestick Park during a SF Giants game. You also can see the press box at the top of the stadium in the center of the photograph. The Giants played the Montreal Expos on this comfortable Friday night on May 20, 1988.

The cost of the general admission ticket was $2.50.  The general admission area was behind the fence.  There was a fence separating the general admission seats from the rest of Candlestick Park.  Fans who bought seats in this area were not permitted to walk past the fence to go to the other side of Candlestick Park.  The ushers did not allow anyone with a general admission ticket to leave the area.

Occasionally, I sat in the general admissions area.  Since I was restricted from going to the other areas of the Stick, I bought a 2nd ticket in the lower reserve area for this game.  I wanted to go to the other areas of the stadium to take pictures.  Lower reserve was not too far away from the general admissions area.  The 2nd ticket was only $8.00.

During the inning breaks, I went to the other areas of the stadium to take pictures.  At this game, I walked to the lower reserve behind home plate to take photographs of the scoreboard and the lights.  I also shot the rest of the stadium from this location.

It is interesting how it was so easy and cheap to buy tickets to watch the SF Giants, and how I could buy 2 tickets just for myself to enjoy roaming around the Stick.  It’s too bad cheap seats are just a good memory from the old days at Candlestick Park.