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Cal Poly Pomona vs SF State on Friday, January 5, 2018 in San Francisco, CA

Last Friday, I got a text from my cousin that her son, Phoenix, would be returning to the Bay Area to play against the SF State Gators.  So we decided to attend the game, and I was excited to take photographs of Phoenix in action.

It was a fun game with the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos team ahead all during the game.  They held a good lead in the beginning.  But as the game continued, the Gators did close the gap.

I took this sequence of Phoenix’s scoring drive eluding 2 defenders.  In the beginning, Phoenix started to approach the 1st defender.   He managed to drive around the 1st defender.  Then the 2nd defender sought to help the 1st defender.  But Phoenix continued to persevere against the double team and took a shot over the defenders.  He banked the ball off the backboard to score for this difficult play.

So what is the key to obtain a successful scoring drive?

  • Perseverance to drive around the defenders.
  • Lots of practice of dribbling, wind sprints, & basketball drills
  • Team work

Our family and friends were very proud to watch Phoenix at this game!  It is not about which team won the game or even the skill level of the players.  We are proud of these players who work hard to excel at a game they love.  They can all be proud of their hard work to strive to improve and be their best.