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Welcome to Candlestick Park for Game 4 of the National League Championship Series with the San Francisco Giants facing the Chicago Cubs.  The date was Sunday, October 8, 1989, and the weather was very comfortable on this Fall late afternoon.  It was such a big event that the Goodyear Blimp was flying over Candlestick Park for the game.

It was fun to photograph the additional temporary press area to accommodate the extra sports commentators.  There were no ushers or guards to keep fans away from the area.  If I were bolder, I could have went up closer to this area.  But I did not want to enter this area where I felt I did not belong.  Below this press area, there was a walkway where I set up a tripod to photograph.  This walkway was between the upper box and the upper reserve seats.  This press area was in upper reserve area behind home plate.

Notice there are parts of my press area photographs which are blurry – mostly the people.  Those were the days when we had to photograph with film.  Since the sun was setting in the late afternoon, I had to photograph with a slower shutter speed because I was using a slower speed film.  If I hand held my camera,  everything would be blurry.  But since I used a tripod, everything not moving in the picture was sharp.  I used a slower speed film to get richer colors and a sharper image.  When I used the tripod, I had to photograph quickly to stay out of other people’s way.

These press area photographs were the best that could be taken with the type of camera equipment, film, and lighting during this event in 1989.  Today, with my modern digital equipment, I could photograph better pictures at this location and circumstances due to the improvements 29 years later.  But of course, the Stick is gone, and I cannot go back to reshoot!  So even with the imperfections of these photographs, I’m glad I can look back at these photographs to remember my earlier experiences shooting at Candlestick Park.