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A view of the lower reserve and lower box section of Candlestick Park on the 3rd base side. This was about two hours before a SF Giants night game and batting practice was taking place. There are some fans hanging out behind the visitor’s dugout hoping to get a baseball and or autograph from players and coaches.

Candlestick Park was the old style stadium of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s where it was almost circular.  The seats were not as packed in between the rows.  It was easier to walk out of your seat since there was more room between the rows.  I did not have to be as concerned about stepping on someone’s foot or tripping as I do at AT&T Park.

Is the old style ballpark stadium better compared today’s baseball stadiums?  I think the 2 styles are both nice.  I do enjoy going to AT&T Park.  There was no other stadium that was designed like Candlestick Park.  There were other old multi-purpose stadiums in the US, but they were designed differently than Candlestick Park.  The pull-out stands for the 49ers on right field side (where additional seats could be added) gave another unique feature of the Stick.

The architecture and the features – i.e. the pull-out stand – made Candlestick Park truly unique.  I think this is why there are still many Sports Fans who still love and miss the Stick.