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Can you see the Special Right Field Camera at Opening Night at Candlestick Park on Monday April 15, 1991? The SF Giants played the LA Dodgers on this cool night. The location of this camera was used sparingly for bigger event games. It was placed just beyond the right field fence and in front of the pull out stands used during 49’er games.

I was in the lower reserve area down the right field line when I took this picture.

This picture also shows the disks with the Hall of Fame SF Giants players numbers.  I got close to these disks on the Fuji Photo Day when fans were allowed on the field.  I wish I had touched the disks to see how they felt.  I’m not sure if they were padded, since I never took the opportunity to touch one.

Lastly, does anyone know what happened to these Hall of Fame SF Giants players’ disks?  Where did they go?  Does anyone know what these disks were made out of?  I wish I could purchase one and display it in our living room.  But unfortunately, that type of decor would not be allowed by my wife.

Please comment on this blog if you know anything about these disks from Candlestick Park.