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The photograph was taken from the Upper Box seating area down the 1st base side. Some of the SF Giants players were warming up playing catch in the foul area down the 1st base side while the San Diego Padres were taking batting practice in the field. This was a great spot to see what was going on on the field. If you look at the bottom of the photograph, you can see a couple of the Luxury Boxes skylight windows. I am looking forward to the upcoming baseball season and hearing the crack of the bats hitting the balls during batting practice and the game.

I took the photograph with high speed Kodak 35mm T-Max Black and White film. This is why the picture has the grainy look. I used this film because this was a night game. I needed a more light sensitive film, since there would be little or no daylight when the game started. I used this film a lot in the past and was happy with its results.

If I were to take this same picture today with a digital camera, I would just need to boost up the ISO which would make the camera sensor more sensitive to light.  The photograph would be less grainy with today’s technology.

I anxiously awaiting for baseball season to begin, and hopefully I can share pictures of today’s SF Giants during batting practice at AT&T Park.