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This is an exterior view of Candlestick Park’s upper concourse level during a night game. Candlestick Park had a distinctive look that separated it out from all the other stadiums.

I used high speed Kodak T-Max 35mm film to take this picture. The film holds up well enough though there is a lot of grain in the picture. I used this film a lot for my night photography pictures.

Do you see the head of the fan looking out from the upper concourse level?  My wife loves this picture, but she did not notice the person until I told her. There were a few concession stands in this area, though there were more in the lower concourse.  The light in this walk way gave a unique glow to the Stick.  It is interesting to see the contrast of the shadows and light glow in the night.  It gave an interesting perspective under the upper concourse seating area.  This is another example of “chiaroscuro” which is the strong contrasts between light and dark.

It reminds me that art can be found anywhere if we will look.  I love finding art in stadiums.  It would be nice if I could continue this journey of photographing art in different stadiums in the future.