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Welcome to Candlestick Park to Dave Dravecky Day on October 5, 1991. There were 42,712 fans that showed up for the game. The SF Giants played the LA Dodgers this day and won 4-0 with Trevor Wilson getting the win and Mike Morgan taking the loss.

Dave Dravecky is an encouragement for us as he made a comeback after having half of the deltoid muscle removed from his left arm because of cancer. He pitched a 4-3 win in his first comeback game but unfortunately he severely broke his left arm while pitching his second game back. He is a brave hero who battled cancer which ended up costing him his left arm and shoulder which was his pitching arm. His left arm, shoulder, and collarbone had to be amputated to keep the cancer from spreading.

I am inspired by Dave Dravecky in how he overcame the loss of his left arm and shoulder and seeks to encourage and inspire others with hope.  I have heard his testimony at various SF Giants Fellowship events.  He is an example to me in His Faith in Our Savior and to never give up even when facing adversity.

He is constantly traveling to share his story and his motivational messages. Thank you Dave Dravecky for sharing your story many times at the SF Giants Special Events – Fellowship Day for the fans!

By the way, February 14th is Dave Dravecky’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to Dave Dravecky, and may the Lord continue to bless your life for His Glory!