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One of the ports we stopped at was Cartagena, Colombia during our Princess Panama Canal cruise.

We decided not to book a tour from the ship and explore on our own.  After determining which cab or van would give us the best deal to go and see Old Town, we found a nice driver with a van to take us.  His name was….

We only had a few hours to see this section of Cartagena.  One passeger requested to see the big Catholic church in this area.

We drove past the big wall around the Old Town, and the van maneuvered around the busy roads to get us into this area.

We were able to walk thru the square to go to the church.  Of course there are many vendors seeking to sell souvenirs to us.

Once I started walking, a woman had a bag of coffee candy.  I bargained and got an extra dollar off. I quickly bought the candy.  When we tried the candy at home about a month later, it turned out to be the one of best coffee candy we ever had.

We loved walking quickly thru these streets as seen above. The architecture was so interesting as well as the different colors of the building.  The golden dome of the church is in the horizon.

We loved the character of Cartagena’s old town and the architecture designs .