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We took a tour in Limon, Costa Rica.  During the walking portion, the guide pointed out this creature.

We love the bright turquoise and black spots on the amphibian.

It reminds at home we are usually always rushing to our daily destinations and thinking about our to do lists for the day. We are so preoccupied we don’t pay attention to our surroundings.

This frog is a Poison Dart Frog or Poison Arrow frog. It is very beautiful.  The tour guide warned us to be careful not to get poisoned by this creature.

Link about Costa Rican Frogs

This is reminder that things which are attractive can also be harmful for us.  We all are attracted to beautiful things.  But things of beauty may be expensive by what we have to spend to obtain.  They also can be costly depending on the consequences of possessing or seeking the attractive object or being.  Beauty is good to admire. Wisdom is understanding if that beauty will cause us future harm.  Appreciate beauty and understand if that beauty is pure or has hurtful consequences.