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We traveled thru Old Town in Cartegena, Colombia with a small group from our Princess Cruise ship.  One person heard about this Catholic Church in Old Town – Church of St. Peter Claver and requested to visit it.

As we were reviewing Tony’s photographs of this beautiful church, I found the below link that explained who is Peter Claver.  He was born in Catalonia, Spain in 1580 and attended Jesuit college in Barcelona.  He traveled to the Indies.  Later he arrived in Cartegena where he completed his studies and was ordained as a priest.

African slave trade was prevalent during this time. Many Africans were captured and shipped across the ocean to Cartegena.  They suffered a difficult life of clearing land and working in the minds.  Their life was not their own.

Peter Claver declared himself the “slave of the Negroes forever”.  He ministered to these Africans and boarded every slave ship.  Peter cared for their physical needs of medicine, food etc.  He baptized many of these people – estimate is about 300,000 people.

In 1650, he contracted the plague which lingered in him until his death in 1654.  Unfortunately, he did not receive the same care he showed to others during his illness.

About Peter Claver

When we visited this wonderful church with his name, we had no idea about the sacrifice and love exhibited by Peter Claver.

Photographs are more than just images we enjoy.  There are stories behind the images which teach valuable lessons.  If we can learn something from Peter Claver’s life to serve others in need, then his personal sacrifice will continue to be a blessing.