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We visited Olympic National Park in Washington State this past summer.  Our family loves road trips.  So we spent almost a week driving up north enjoying the greenery as we traveled to our destination.

My mother wanted to see Marymere Falls.

This interesting stone tunnel is near the Storm King Ranger Station which leads to the falls.  Highway 101 is above this tunnel.

It’s interesting to see the ridges of the metal sides.

In life, we may go through “tunnel” periods.  When we are in a tunnel, it may be a little mundane inside.  It could be a little dark.  It could be a little cold.  But we have to remember there is an exit to get out of the tunnel if we keep walking.  It could be far away or not as far as we anticipate.  We just need to remember to keep going to get out of the tunnel to see the light.

Outside the tunnel, our goal was to walk to the falls. Our goal in life should always be to seek to get out of the “tunnel” periods to see the light and beautiful views that are waiting for us.  Perseverance brings blessings and beauty in life.

We know this was true as we went on this hike.  I will share more photographs what is on the other side of the tunnel.