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Peek-A-Boo Canyon Magnet Pin

Last year, we enjoyed a family road trip thru a few states. We drove to Kenab, Utah. My parents carefully planned all the details for each day of our trip. They previously visited these sites and wanted their children to enjoy their experiences.

So, my mom reserved an off-road tour to go see Peek-A-Boo Canyon aka Mystic Slot Canyon in Kenab, Utah. It was a fun roller coaster ride to this canyon. It was worth the bumpy ride to see the amazing colors of this canyon. It was also a very serene time taking our time to hike thru the canyon.  Unlike the popular Antelope Canyon, this canyon was more isolated and quieter. We did not see lots of tourists visiting which made this hike very enjoyable.

I made this magnet pin to add to my Etsy store. My wife has been wearing this pin for a while and matching with her clothing. She normally wears these colors. Wearing this pin helps her to remember the beauty of this slot canyon and appreciate the time we spent there.

Even if you have not had the opportunity to visit this slot canyon, we would like everyone to experience the beauty of Peek-A-Boo canyon by wearing this magnet pin.   We are blessed with many beautiful sites in our world. It is difficult for us to visit all the wonderful natural sites. But we can share the pretty sites by wearing a magnet pin. We can appreciate and learn about how beautiful our world is. Incorporating nature into our day to day life gives a different perspective of our world. It can calm us. It can remind us we need to take time to visit nature.

Just as my parents wanted to share their experience of these wonderful sites with their family, we also want to share Nature with you thru our photos and products.

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See below is our YouTube explanation about how we can enjoy beautiful sites in a different way by wearing a magnet pin!

Back of the Photo Magnet Pin with the magnet in the middle