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View from the Right Field Corner at Fenway Park

So, this Saturday, baseball fans will be eager to watch the Astros versus the Red Sox at Fenway Park to start the American League Championship Series.  This will be an interesting game with two well matched teams.

I took this photograph during my 2017 tour of Fenway Park! If you look at my blog, you are aware of my passion to take stadium photographs.  I took a lot of Candlestick Park photographs while I studied for my Fine Art Photography degree at the Academy of Art. I wonder if I have the largest collection of Candlestick Park photographs 

Fenway park has an interesting seating arrangement. Even the stripes created by the lawn mower are a little curved to match the field configuration. I wish I had more time to roam around this empty stadium to take more photographs. I love finding “art” in a stadium structure.

We are all looking forward to the rocking excitement that will happen at this Saturday’s ballgame! There’s nothing better than watching two equal teams compete and see who will be the AL representative for the 2018 World Series.