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The Green Monster at Fenway Park is a popular nickname for this high left field wall. Fenway Park will be rocking this Tuesday as game 1 of the 2018 World Series will start.

I was fortunate to quickly photograph the Green Monster during my tour at Fenway Park last year.  This is the 2nd highest wall for a professional baseball field. It is the highest in the current MLB fields.

Wikipedia history about the Green Monster

The view is pretty great from the Green Monster. It is ironic how nice it is sit up here, since the original idea for a 25 foot high wooden fences was to prevent people from watching the Red Sox play for free.  Of course, it is not free to sit up there, but it is worth it to get a better view. It’s nice they added 269 seats in 2003 to replace the old nets.

Why was the Green Monster built?

The Green Monster is also known for its valuable space for displaying advertisements.  It still has the old concrete base and a hand-operated scoreboard – a rarity for today’s modern world. Celebrities even want to sign the Green Monster.

I loved seeing the Green Monster.  It reminds me a baseball field fortress with the different rigid upright structures. My experience in shooting Candlestick Park in San Francisco taught me to appreciate the art in a baseball stadium’s architecture. To me – the Green Monster is a piece of artwork at Fenway Park!