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I was very sad to learn about the passing of Willie McCovey yesterday.  He was one of my favorite players.

When he got to the batter’s box, he had a distinctive practice swing.  He was a left handed hitter and had a slow deliberate practice swing but would hit the ball so hard that he could rip the cover off the ball. Willie McCovey could hit mammoth upper deck home runs.

I saw him play at Candlestick Park. I went to see the SF Giants play with my parents when I was a child. That was first time I saw him hit the upper deck home run in right field. My mother was so excited, impressed, and in awe.  I was so happy to finally go to a game where I could actually see my hero in action. All I remember about this game is the fun time I shared with my parents and seeing the great Willie McCovey play. I don’t remember who the SF Giants played against. I don’t remember the score. But Willie McCovey made a big impression for myself and my parents.

Willie McCovey – you will be dearly missed!