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Late Afternoon at Candlestick Park in 1991

Gazing at the Home Plate area and experiencing the serene and quiet upper deck down the first base line before a SF Giants game in 1991. I am more relaxed now looking at the photograph than when I took the picture.  I remember I was rushing around Candlestick Park photographing the stadium before the fans came in. I waited by the gate and rushed in when the staff opened them up 2 hours before game time. When I took this photograph in 1991, I had no idea that the SF Giants and 49’ers would move to different locations and that The Stick would be torn down. 

Memories are not as vivid compared to the actual time of an event. We forget details and sequence of events. We do not anticipate how places and people will change over time. This is why it is a good idea to take photos to chronicle the important events, people, and places in our life. I’m so glad that we now can take photos so easily with our cell phones.

I’m really thankful I have my collection of Candlestick Park photographs. Candlestick Park represented a turning point in my life. It was not only the place where I enjoyed watching the SF Giants play baseball, but it was also the place where I found my love of art in photography. I still love to photograph other baseball stadiums in the same manner I did when I was at Candlestick Park. But Candlestick Park was my first love. Stay tuned – I still have a lot more of the old photographs to scan and share.