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Sleeping Beauty Castle taken with my Pixel 3XL

We went on a recent trip to Disneyland and enjoyed all the lights during the Christmas Season. We went with a couple of friends. Of course, we had to capture the Disneyland magic with all the Christmas lights. How do we take night photographs using our cellphones?

I recently purchased the Pixel 3XL. I chose this cellphone, since I was impressed with the camera. I love using my Canon cameras, but the equipment is heavy especially carry the lenses. So during this trip, it was a great opportunity to test out my new Pixel 3XL.

It is important to have the camera on the correct setting. If I was photographing the Main Street Christmas Tree and light decorations, I would set the camera on Night Sight and not use the flash. If I was photographing a person in the foreground with the Christmas lighting in the background, I would use the camera flash so it illuminates the person’s face. If I did not use the flash, the person would be silhouetted by the bright Christmas lights or the camera would over compensate by allowing more light to lighten the person’s face, but the Christmas lighting in the background would be overexposed. It would look blown out, and the colors washed out. When you use the camera flash, it is a good idea to have the person fairly close to the phone flash because if the person is too far away, the flash won’t illuminate the person’s face that well as the flash not that powerful.

If you take one photo without the flash and one photo with flash, you will see the difference in how your photograph looks.