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I have always been fascinated with military planes, ships, tanks, equipment, etc. When I was a kid, I built plastic models. I studied reference books for military vehicle specifications and for the detailed pictures and cutaway drawings.

I traveled to New Orleans with my church group. We went there to serve and do community projects. There is still a need to rebuild in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. During the middle of the week, we took a break to visit “The National WWII Museum”. It was quite a treat to visit this museum. The Pastor of our church is a history buff. He visited this museum previously and took us to visit and share in his passion for history. It was really cool to see the items on display up close and personal. Unfortunately we only had a day to spend at the museum. I could have spent a week there as the museum is huge and has multiple buildings. We were only able to visit part of two of the buildings. Seeing the many aircraft suspended from the ceiling was incredible. There were multiple catwalks on different floors, so you could see the different aircraft from many angles. The creators of the museum did a fabulous job on designing the displays. I definitely would like to go back and visit the museum again in the future.

My Gal Sal is one of my favorite airplanes. I like this airplane, because it is a very sturdy bomber that could carry a lot of bombs. It could take a lot of damage. It also has a lot of machine guns for self defense. As per the sign I photographed above, it had 10 .50 caliber and 1 .30 caliber machine guns to defend itself against any enemy fighters. It fascinates me how these bombers were able to effectively protect our country and beliefs.

Our photographs should reflect our fascination with objects, people and places. I’m glad I could photograph this special museum to remember My Gal Sal.