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Handmade American Flag
Incredible story
Detailed views of the handmade flag

As I was walking around The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, I noticed this handmade American Flag. It intrigued me with the details. I photographed the details of the flag components. The stars were impressive to me, as well as the hand stitching of the stripes. I can imagine it took a long time to sew 48 stars on the flag.

This American Flag was handmade by a group French teenagers to express their gratitude to the American soldiers who liberated them. The fact that these French teenagers decided to hand sew and hand cut all these pieces to create an American Flag is very touching. It amazes me that they designed and thought about the detail to create this wonderful flag.

There are 2 lessons we all can learn from about their actions of gratitude.

  • Freedom is precious
  • Genuine Gratitude must be expressed thru actions

These French teenagers taught us valuable lessons by their actions of gratitude. Hope these pictures will help each us to have a greater appreciation of our freedom and to perform actions of gratitude to those around us.

Keep photos that teach.