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As I was wandering in The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, I found another American Flag. This flag flew from a vessel during the invasion campaign against Mussolini’s outpost on the beaches of Sicily, Italy. The US and British forces battled to capture Sicily to help eliminate the Axis forces from Italy from the war.

I was attracted to the flag because of the tattled edges and the texture in this flag which survived the war. It is interesting how the flag survived the battle of 38 days without getting any bullet holes. I could imagine how the flag flew valiantly and was blowing fiercely during the vessel’s travels. I could envision how the flag was whipped in the air and proudly endured as the different vessels bought the American forces to the Sicilian beaches. The strength of the American flag fabric endured the battle, just as the Allies fought battles against Germans and Italians to bring about Italy’s surrender.

Seeing this American Flag reminds me what it means to be an American. It symbolizes that we all need to stand for the original principals of our Founding Fathers. Being an American should mean that we will be tough and strive to stand for Freedom and Liberty.

Normally, when we see an item tattled and worn, we would discard it. But this frayed American Flag represents the fighting spirit of those World War II soldiers who sacrificed to win the battle.

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