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It is the Millennium Falcon at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. I enjoyed shooting photographs at different angles of this Y-1300 Light Freighter.

I am not sure if this model is the actually movie model or not.
The display does not specify. Nevertheless, I like the detail in the model which is why I took multiple photos to show this. It is nice how the model is suspended in the show case.

Below is an interesting link of trivia about the Millennium Falcon – The link is to Starwars.wikia.com

Legend/Canon facts about the Millennium Falcon

I am a Sci-Fi junkie. I can spend hours watching Star Wars movies, reading trivia, looking at model drawings, and shooting anything Star Wars.

The details seen in the Star Wars series is proof that “Details Matter”. Often in life, we want to live life vicariously and spontaneously. But we may find out without planning, we could find ourselves in dilemmas if we do not plan. Details are important to consider to avoid problems and stress. Details also make a difference in appearances. The Millennium Falcon is proof that “Details Matter’.