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We went to watch my cousin’s son play basketball against the SF State Gators last fall. I photographed his team last season play against the Gators. It was great to watch the players and see their improvement.

I was especially excited to photograph this game, since I just received my new Pixel 3XL. I was impressed by the specs on this camera and was anxious to test out the camera. I decided to bring my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera to test it against my Pixel 3XL camera.

The photographs from the Pixel 3XL were good, but I could not zoom in as close compared to my Canon camera. Also I could not freeze the action as well using the Pixel. I was able to adjust the ISO setting much higher on my Canon camera to freeze the action with less light in the gym. The next time I would like to test the Night Sight feature to see if the action shots are better. In these pictures, it was in the evening inside the gym, so the lighting was not bright enough to freeze the action for the Pixel 3XL. If I was outdoors in the sunshine, I am sure the Pixel 3XL would do well freezing the sports action shots.

Compare my photographs to see how you like the photographs from the 2 different cameras. I will continue to test out my Pixel 3XL and blog about my results. I do believe the Pixel 3XL has a great camera within the phone and is very portable. But there are limitations to its performance.