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Disneyland is wonderful in the evening. It is especially festive during the Christmas season. This is our second time visiting Disneyland during December. We loved “It’s a Small World” and “Main Street” colorful lights.

This was the first time we rode “Guardians of the Galaxy” at California Adventure. We do not normally ride “drop” rides. I can get a little motion sickness on certain rides. But our friend encouraged us to try the ride and assured us the drops are not big. She was right. It turned out to be a fun ride once we got accustomed to the drops and holding on to our seats.

The exterior of the Guardian of the Galaxy is also great with its lights.

My wife has the Pixel 3, and I have the Pixel 3XL. I took the photos with both cameras. I did not use the “Night Sight” feature nor did I need to use any flash. If I took a picture on “Main Street” featuring our friends, then I would need a flash to show them in front of the scene.

I was very impressed with these night photos using our new Pixel 3 cameras. I also enjoyed the many great features in the camera. The camera so far has lived up to my expectations.

Please note – I did not use “Photoshop” to improve these photographs. The Pixel 3 camera performed as expected in giving these great night shots.

Stay tuned to see my evaluation of the “Night Sight” feature.