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These photographs were shot on the last On-Field Photo Day at Candlestick Park in April 24, 1999. This was the last year the SF Giants played at Candlestick Park. They played the Colorado Rockies and won 8-4. Shawn Estes got the win, and Pedro Astacio got the loss.

I loved these Photo Days at Candlestick Park. I arrived at least 2 hours before game time. It was one of the few times fans were allowed on the field. I always love the opportunity to be on a real baseball field. I got goosebumps walking on the perfect field and to be able to touch the grass. The field was so perfect and almost seemed like it was AstroTurf. I would try to shoot quickly to maximize the number of photographs I could take of this event. This was during the time when I was shooting with my Canon SLR camera which used 35mm film.

I went to this last Photo Day event with 2-3 friends. My friend’s son really found the field comfortable, as he enjoyed his nap on the field. The weather was perfect and warm. The little toddler was tired, and got his rest before the game started. I always had a good time at Candlestick Park with my friends.

Candlestick Park was a great place to watch the SF Giants with friends. We always had the best time at Candlestick Park!