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Do you remember the Sony JumboTron at Candlestick Park? The 2nd picture shows the JumboTron in the perspective of the baseball field. The JumboTron was sandwiched between 2 advertisement areas and to the right of scoreboard and announcements.

I enjoyed seeing the San Francisco skyline on the JumboTron. Also there was the bottom advertisement of the old electronics store – Matthew’s which was located on the top of the hill in Daly City.

We all heard Matthew’s advertisements on the radio. I remember hearing their constant ads on the old radio station – KFRC. Their slogan – Matthew’s – Top of the hill Daly City was drilled into our memories.

Matthew’s business has been gone for a while. But I’m glad I have these photographs to remind me about their famous slogan.

I occasionally tweet #PhotosRemember. We take lots of photographs with our cellphones now. We collect so many photos now – Do we even have time to look at them all? Find a few photos that remind you of something special. Try to find some place to display your memorable photos. Switch your photographs around every few months to enjoy different memories.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to post these Candlestick Park memories. Memories can easily fade. Enjoying old photos and sharing our stories will help us treasure these memories so much more.