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I remember going to SF Giants night games and being impressed by the bright stadium lights that turn the darkness into the light of day to a certain extent at Candlestick Park. When I arrived early before the game started and before the crowd and stadium music were in full affect, I could hear the buzzing sounds created by the stadium lights. It was a pretty cool sound. It was not too loud, but was noticeable. The buzzing sound of the bright lights is one of my significant good memories of Candlestick Park.

I am not sure how many fans noticed this sound from the bright lights. During a game, you could not notice this sound because of the cheering crowds and the stadium music.

I love the photograph with all these old lights group together behind the gate. I spotted these lights as Candlestick Park was being demolished. I wish I knew if they kept these lights in storage or were they all disposed.

Why did I love this buzzing noise of the lights? As a photographer, I have always enjoyed lights. I photographed images from night lights throughout the city for a college project. I am a stickler for having enough lights throughout our home. I guess I associate the buzzing with the brilliance and spotlight effect of these lights. It reminds me these lights were powerful and could show us the details of the evening games.

Bright lights reveal what is going on in the darkness. The right lighting makes all the difference in a good or bad photo. We need more light in our life to see more clearly our weaknesses and to reveal how we can do things better. I would like to hear that buzzing again to signify the revealing lights are on again. What sound would you like to hear to remind you of a significant part of you life?