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These are various photographs of the upper rim of Candlestick Park. As I was browsing my various Candlestick Park photos, I realized I had some interesting perspectives of the top row.

I was roaming around the top row of seats at the stadium and took these pictures from different locations. I enjoyed my solitude as I moved quickly around the seats trying to shoot as many pictures as I could. I was limited, since this was before digital cameras, and I was using film.

I loved being on the top row since the view was fantastic. You could see San Bruno Mountain and the hill in Bay View Park behind the football press box. Also I enjoyed looking down to see the field and the lower rows of seats.

My one regret for these photos is that I did not have an ultra wide angle lens. I used a 28 mm wide angle lens. If I had an ultra wide angle lens, then I could have taken more of the stadium in one shot. In my first shot, I would have been able to get the full stadium with a wider angle lens. My shots above were cut off due to the limitation of my wide angle lens.

But I did not know that one day Candlestick Park would be demolished. The lesson I learned is to make sure to take lots of photographs of places and people you love. Life is like a vapor and people, things, and places change or are gone. So take lots of pictures to keep the important moments. I’m glad I preserved Candlestick Park in my photographs.