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I shot this photograph down the first base line in the front row. I normally did not sit this close. But since I would arrive early before the Giants played, I could roam around the different seating areas.

It is interesting to note there is a camera pointing at the SF Giants catcher – Terry Kennedy. The Giants played the San Diego Padres on this Monday night game on April 22, 1991.

I loved to arrive early to watch all the activities before the game began.

Sitting in the front row does give a great view of the game. But with the ideal view, there was also some danger. In those days, there were no safety nets in the front of these field level box seats. So fans had to pay close attention to every pitch in case a screaming line drive foul ball came your way. You really needed to bring a baseball mitt to protect yourself and hopefully catch the ball.

I am really thankful there are safety nets at Oracle Park now. These baseballs can go over 100 mph. As a fan, it is difficult to catch these fast balls even if they have a baseball mitt. Also if a baseball approaches, it is tricky to anticipate how to catch since often the ball will be flying on a curve. It could also ricochet off something.

How many times in life do we get hit by an unexpected curve ball. We all need a safety net to protect and help us. I know for me my safety net has been my God who actually did protect me at Candlestick Park. But that’s another story which you can find in this blog. Make sure you have a safety net to protect you.

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