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This is the 3rd post of the SF Giants Opening Day in 1993 at Candlestick Park.  I gathered my photographs of this day at the request of a fan who was at this game and also in the pre-game parade. 

You may wonder how I could have shot so many photographs of this day or of Candlestick Park. 

Why is Candlestick Park so special? For me it represents the beginning of finding my passion in finding art at this baseball stadium. I grew up at the Stick watching the Giants play ball. It was a great place to be with family and friends while enjoying baseball. It was easily accessible. We did not have to spend lots of money to have a good time. 

For many fans, Candlestick Park was a special place where they grew up. It was a place where dads and moms took their sons and daughters to watch the SF Giants and explained the game of baseball.  The Stick was the location for family gatherings to share their love of baseball.  Friends gathered together and spent quality time together.

For many old SF Giants fans, Candlestick Park brought together families and friends to build stronger bonds and spend quality time together. 

Even though the Stick is gone, the memories hopefully can be remembered when we review these photographs.