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Why untouchedtcphotos? Why did I choose such a long name for our domain and business?

Once upon a time, I was searching for a major and college to attend. Academics did not come easily for me. I did not think I excelled in any subject.

I attended the College of San Mateo to do my undergraduate studies. When I went to visit China with my grandparents and relatives, I started taking photographs. It was fun and I tried to take as many photos I could though I was limited by the number rolls of film I had.

At the College of San Mateo, I had some great instructors – who taught me a lot. It was a turning point for me. I decided to enroll in the Academy of Art to get a degree in Fine Art Photography.

I also found a place where I could spend endless hours taking photos — Candlestick Park. You may have noticed my display of Candlestick Park photos on my blog.

But why “untouched”. Well we live in a world where it is hard to discern what is real and true. Are our news broadcasts projecting truth? What is the real color of someone’s hair? Do we even understand what is true in our individual circumstances. I think often we can be blind to our problems and short comings. We prefer to be the camel with our head in the sand.

I would like to show photos which are real. The color is as true as the quality of the camera and lens. I do not wish to “brighten” or “enhance” the pictures. I do remove the dust marks from my scanned Candlestick Park photos. I hope my skills as a photographer will improve to show you images which are true to the moment in time I shot the pictures.

This is a challenge for each of us to be genuine and real. Let’s not put up a false facade. Can we be transparent? Can we be “real”?

By the way, the “tc” in the domain name is for “Tony Chan”. I think the “photos” part of the name is obvious.

Let’s be real!