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Do you wonder where did all the Candlestick Park Chairs go after the demolition?

We know some fortunate fans who bought chairs to keep as mementos. They are available for sale from $599.99 to $689.99 for a pair.

But if you do not want to invest to purchase or you do not have space for the chairs, we found the chairs at AT&T Park (Oracle Park) last year. They were located at the back north east corner behind the center field scoreboard. Chairs from 19 to 22 from row W are available for sitting and dreaming that you are back at Candlestick Park.

These chairs show their age. But they are still strong enough to endure all the fans who still need to try out these old chairs.

I plan to go to Oracle Park for the San Francisco Giants Home Opening Day game on April 5, 2019. I will be sure to check if the chairs are still there. I hope the new park’s management did not remove the chairs.

I’m glad even though these chairs may be scratched up and aged, they are still functional and can remind us of our past sitting at Candlestick Park. We need mementos to remind us how we grew up at Candlestick Park watching the SF Giants win and lose. We spent precious moments with our families and friends. These chairs remind us to continue to make time to sit with our loved ones and watch the SF Giants or the 49ers. The games are great excuse for us to be with those who are important to us.

If you want to remember the chairs when they glowed in the sun, please hit the link below to see other photos of Candlestick Park chairs.

Candlestick Park Chair Photos