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Welcome to the upper deck down the left field line at AT&T Park. This photograph was taken in April 2016. The ballpark’s name has been changed to Oracle Park.

There is nothing like standing on the top and looking at the view of the whole ballpark! I do have a fear of heights, so I have to be careful walking around and looking down.

Looking down, we get a perfect view of the entire field and stadium. We can see the San Francisco Bay. We get a good view of the bulk of the seats in the ballpark. So there is an advantage to being up high to see the panoramic view below. Being high (physically) is always a good location for photography.

Finding the ideal location to take good photos can be like hunting for treasure. A good photographer’s goal is to showcase a scene at it’s best. The scene can look better in a photo, than when you actually look at the scene in reality.

My goal will be to see how I can show off AT&T Park now known as Oracle Park at it’s best! I am excited to be going to the San Francisco Giants Home Opening game. So stay tuned to see the stadium art at Oracle Park.